A loop of Birmingham

The context: 20,000 cyclists will descend into the West Midlands again next May for the second edition of “Velo Birmingham”. Aside from the lure of closed roads, there is obviously a big appetite for organised long distance cycling in the area. While closed road is an undeniable pull and no doubt the event will be a huge success, having had a glance at the proposed route, I wasn’t overly impressed. Could I possibly create a better one?

Brum loop

What is it? In simple words, it is a 200 km loop around Birmingham, taking in all the 5 counties and visiting some of the best landmarks in the area. It is in the process of being approved as an Audax  event, to be run in early July 2019. It is also a route that you can ride whenever you want from any point and get a certificate upon proof of completion. What is clear to me is that if you complete the loop, you deserve a beer and therefore it needs to end in proximity to a pub…

When is it? Tentatively, July the 6th 2019. It is a good time of the year, days are long and you can finish before it gets dark.

How can I get involved? Join the Strava group.


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